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Dandruff’s beginning process.


A really loose sketch of a scene from the movie A Dangerous Method. Like really loose.


My boyfriend. Here’s the unzombified version.
Raph, Ik zal altijd van je houden even in zombie form. 

"Pink Puke" 
Doodled last night. Click here for the version without the gray effect.

My current mood. Depressed. Currently battling a huge zit on the side of my nose. 

Pose is based on my fave Kakaotalk emoticon.

Clip on Bangs!

So I got clip on bangs the other day and I picked it up and there were two clips inside it and they got married and had a baby but the baby was adopted so I clipped it on top of my head and a cherry tree emerged and I was happy so I got an ice cream cone coffee flavor but the ice cream man was sick so I chose strawberry instead. :’(

Moral lesson is always wear sunscreen.

Flowerpot and Porcelain Flowerpot.

(Open the image in new tab or click the links above for the full size.)

krazlmiddlename asked: Your work is stunning!

Thank you. :)


Sequel to my Dive Point artwork. 
Initial sketch is here.


Continuing with the series, an elf.



This is so fun to do. I love love loooove doing the costume! So with this said, I’m gonna scrap my bird series and make random characters instead. :D


"All In A Day’s Work"

Collab with Pr0xE, he did the initial sketch and I did the coloring and also tweaked it to my liking and so uh…I got carried away with the tentacles so it became a nonapus. XD

Here’s the WIP.

"Persian Night"

First personal work of 2012. :) …Yes, neck is long. XD